Press Releases

  • DataWeek Finalists

    DataWeek 2013 Announces Finalists for Startup Challenge, Names Twing among the Top 20 big data and analytics centric startups

  • Brand Partnerships.

    Twing announce partnership with over 100 brand names, some of them are among the largest Fortune 500 companies, enabling access to billions of daily users, along 30,000 additional advertisers to further solidify our accelerated growth.

  • Beta Release Global.

    Twing announce the success of private beta launch, which attracted thousands of unique global users, along over 500,000 page hits.

  • Beta Release US.

    Twing Launch a Private Beta, for English speaking professionals, in knowledge economy across the US.

  • MVP Release.

    Twing Launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), for professionals in knowledge economy within the US.