Incubator - Innovate Program

  • Product Open Innovation

    Innovate directly by engaging subject matter experts within specific industry across organization from startups to universities, and fortune 500. Mentors can broadcast their expertise to specific industries or own group followers via live stream webinars, podcasts or blog and forums.

  • Artificial intelligence Insights

    Search exclusive content using our machine learning search engine that indexes knowledge-based big data from top reliable knowledge sources, which are not accessible by most search engines (Deep Web). Artificial intelligence services would be released gradually.

Accelerator - Launch Program

  • Product Launch and Sourcing

    Launch your MVP, beta or public release to closed group, invitation only early adopters or to all our members network and gather early feedback critical to your product launch and market fit success. You can also reach out to decision makers to help source products and services from our global network.

  • Find advisor, cofounder and potential investor

    Locate your initial advisors that can help you refine your idea, then find and hire your cofounders that can help you build and launch your MVP to gain early traction, which increase your chance to be contacted by active investors seeking to fund your go to market initiatives.